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We can help you with anything from visitation rights, to custody, to child support.  We are tough attorneys, fighting for father’s rights.    ...


As parents, men can do anything women can do. They simply need to be given the opportunity. We can help give you that opportunity....

Children need their fathers

Today, men often have to fight for their rights as parents. Children need their fathers. Why not allow men equal rights as parents?  ...

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Father’s Rights Attorneys

Tough Attorneys Fighting for Father’s Rights

Tina C. Bennet and Beth A. Lockhart have been practicing law for nearly twenty years combined.  As the other “women” they have the personal experience as well as the legal experience to understand all of the emotional and psychological trauma and drama that occurs during a divorce, custody battle and any support issue.

They understand what it takes in-court and out-of-court to aggressively and effectively advocate for you, the FATHER.

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