Real Estate

When entering into a real estate transaction, it is most often necessary to obtain legal representation to assist with all the legal nuances involved. The buying or selling of property is one of the largest financial commitments most individuals will ever undertake. It can also be one of the most stressful undertakings. Consider the steps involved in a basic real estate transaction:

  • Property is listed with a real estate broker or is for sale by owner (FSBO)
  • Buyer makes a formal offer, secured by a deposit
  • Contract is prepared setting forth the rights and obligations of the buyer and seller
  • Contract is reviewed by attorneys
  • Negotiation of changes or addendums to contract occurs
  • Buyer has home inspected and appropriate environmental tests done
  • Title to the property to be sold must be marketable
  • Seller must have proof of title to all property involved in the transaction
  • A deed with a proper description of the land must be executed
  • Financing must be acquired and approved

We can guarantee that you will receive the unbiased, expert evaluation and advice needed during a real estate transaction. We will work to negotiate fair and reasonable terms of sale and can help you avoid the kind of difficulties associated with real estate transactions of which many people are unaware.